Loads of Fish hacked, CEO recounts strange ordeal with hacker in blog post

Loads of Fish hacked, CEO recounts strange ordeal with hacker in blog post


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“as well as just just how annoying it really is to own some body constantly harassing and attempting to frighten your lady after all hours associated with time. I believe a slept an overall total of 2 hours per night for a week….. Plentyoffish was hacked week that is last we think e-mails usernames and passwords had been installed. We’ve reset all users passwords and shut the safety gap that permitted them to enter.”

In a contact towards the Financial Post, Mr. Frind declined to touch upon the situation further.

In accordance with Mr. Frind, a hacker from Argentina known as Chris Russo co-ordinated an advanced two attack on Plenty of Fish’s servers in an attempt to gain access to user data and extort the site’s owners day. The assault presumably started while Mr. Frind was on a plane going to A internet relationship seminar to Miami.

Bizarrely, Mr. Russo apparently hacked in to the web site after signing to the web site making use of their own title, without using the typical hacker precaution of hiding behind a proxy and based on Mr. Frind, executed the attacks while logged in as himself.

Then it gets weirder.

A limited time later on, Mr. Frind’s spouse allegedly received a call from Mr. Russo, whom reported he had been the only who had hacked the lots of Fish site and that Russian gangsters had since taken over their computer, had been along the way of stealing every one of a great amount of Fish’s information and had been threatening to kill him. Based on Mr. Frind:

“Chris is attempting to generate a sense of panic. We listened within the background and I also shut the breach then i immediately ordered an investigation if indeed there was one while my wife was on the phone and. On the next a day we got great deal of vocals mails from Chris Russo frantically attempting to keep in touch with us.”

Then, Mr. Frind’s spouse apparently gets a call from Brian Krebs, a reporter whom utilized to function when it comes to Washington Post, that is asking concerning the protection breach at lots of Fish. Mr. Krebs apparently tells the principle running officer at lots of Fish that Mr. Russo is a “harmless 23-year-old kid from Argentina.”

It absolutely was Mr. Russo whom evidently called Mr. Krebs to see him associated with protection breach.

Whenever Mr. Frind finally links with Mr. Russo over the telephone, the so-called hacker that is argentinian tries to persuade Mr. Frind to travel to Argentina or Washington D.C. therefore the two of these can really help stop the Russians from attacking Mr. Russo’s computer systems and stealing the an abundance of Fish data.


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“He says the Russians have actually complete usage of every thing including our bank reports, plus they desire to steal about $30 million from the sequence of online dating sites including ours. Not only this, he informs us 5 or 6 other online dating sites in the industry have now been breached, in which he provides me personally just just exactly what he claims may be the administrative password for a dating business we won’t title but it’s very famous. He claims the good explanation he understands all this work is really because Russians have actually bought out their computer in which he is able to see every thing they actually do.”

That evening, Mr. Frind along with his group reset most of the a good amount of Fish passwords and feel the site’s rule.

That’s when Mr. Russo presumably talks to Mr. Frind once again and presents their business partner, “Luca.” Apparently no more afraid to be assassinated by Russian gangsters, Mr. Russo presumably tells Mr. Frind which he and Luca have a protection business which will help an abundance of Fish stop the breach and stop security that is future.

However in purchase to greatly help lots of Fish, Mr. Russo and their partner presumably inform Mr. Frind they require usage of the site’s supply rule and servers. In addition they apparently claim they could find where in fact the gangsters that are russian concealed the info and claim to understand how exactly to delete it.

That’s if they allegedly tell Mr. Frind they want $15,000.

“They then begin speaking about cash since they need certainly to integrate a business that will handle businesses outside of Argentina and that may price $15,000. Additionally they necessary to determine if they certainly were planning to make over $100k/year or 500k/year as that will need different registrations…”

At this time, Mr. Frind asks the 2 males because of their full names and resumes, that have been provided. In accordance with Mr. Frind, most of the places the 2 guys “worked for” had been presumably places they tried to subsequently hack and extort.

“Next, i simply get pissed down and commence describing just just how i’m going fitness singles dating to sue them out of presence in the event that data is released. They’ve been attempting to extort us, however they are making material up because they complement because they usually have simply no idea what they’re doing. At this stage used to do the only real thing that is logical we emailed his Mr. Russo’s mother.”

Within the reviews part element of Mr. Frind’s blog, somebody claiming become Mr. Russo posted the comment that is following

“we never extorted you after all. We reported you a bug. Your people asked me personally how to handle it now, and asked me for the action plan, and an amount. We never mention any such thing, about this. In my opinion you imagine I’m an unlawful because I’m from Argentina. Every thing we told you against the beginning, was truth. In addition, we never dumped any given information, we simply recorded a proof concept that has been shown to Brian Krebs.”

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